Brahmos & Pinaka May Help India To Reach $5 Billion Defence Export Target By 2025

BrahMos and Pinaka defence systems are in high demand in different countries and will be supplied by India's domestic industry

Photo Credit : DRDO,

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Indian enterprises such as BrahMos Aerospace and Solar Group said on Tuesday that they had begun receiving orders from abroad, indicating the growing strength of the Indian defence industry.

"We're trying to acquire additional orders from the Philippines and we're also talking to Vietnam, Malaysia and many other countries," BrahMos Aerospace chairman Atul D Rane said. Earlier this year, BrahMos received a USD 335 million order from the Philippines.

Meanwhile, Armenia, which is at war with Azerbaijan, has placed orders for Pinaka rockets produced locally by the Solar Group. "We received an export order from Armenia," Solar Group chairman Satyanarayan Nuwal said.

Nigeria and Indonesia have also indicated an interest in the Multi barrel rocket launcher system, developed by Solar Group in collaboration with the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO).

India has already achieved export success in Armenia by transferring the indigenously produced Swathi weapon-locating radar. The Indian Army, which plans to induct a large number of Pinaka rocket units, also placed a large order.

Kalyani Systems also said that its mine-protection vehicle, which can resist massive landmine explosions, has been licenced for sale to international countries and is being used by the Indian government in foreign missions. Goa Shipyard Limited chairman Brajesh Upadhyay stated that they have secured an order for a floating dock from Sri Lanka and are looking for other orders from friendly neighbouring countries.


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