Peace Cannot Be Achieved Without Strength: PM Modi

During his Diwali speech, PM Modi said that we have always considered war to be the final option, not the first, we believe in peace, but peace cannot be achieved without strength

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PM Modi during his Kargil visit

Prime Minister Narendra Modi kept his tradition of celebrating Diwali with jawans as he celebrated this year with soldiers in the Kargil on Monday, calling it an "honour."

PM Modi said to soldiers in Kargil, "For years, you've all been like family to me. My Diwali sweetness and light are all around you. It is an honour to celebrate Diwali with all of you."

He commended the soldiers stationed at Kargil, reminding them that the post has remained a victory banner.

"There hasn't been a single conflict with Pakistan when Kargil hasn't hoisted the flag of triumph," he said while addressing Armed Forces soldiers. "Diwali means 'festival of the end of fear,' and Kargil made that happen," he added.

He said, "A nation is safe when its borders are secure, its economy is strong, and its society is full of confidence.”

India's Capability

PM Modi said that India's worldwide prestige has increased due to its achievements in dealing with external and internal foes.

"During the Ukraine war, we witnessed how our national flag served as a shield for our citizens who were stranded there. India's standing has grown over the world. It is happening because India is successfully fighting both internal and external foes,” he said. 

"Just as you safeguard us at the borders, we are fighting within the country to combat evils like 'Naxalwaad,' and corruption. 'Naxalwaad' had captured a large portion of the country, but that stretch is gradually shrinking,” he added.

The Prime Minister said that while India is not a supporter of the war. We have always considered war to be the final option, not the first. We believe in peace, but peace cannot be achieved without strength.

India’s Indigenous Capabilities

PM Modi emphasised that India's defence capabilities have considerably improved over the years. He praised India's indigenous manufacturing skills, naming all the weaponry and artillery the country manufactures.

According to him, Aatmanirbhar Bharat is critical to the security of the nation and reliance on foreign weapons and systems should be kept to a minimum. He further said, I applaud all three armed forces for deciding that over 400 types of defence equipment will be developed in India rather than imported. When our soldiers battle with weapons built in India, they will not only feel proud but also have an element of surprise to defeat the enemy.

"To help our soldiers realise their responsibilities, we are constructing high-tech infrastructure in border areas with seamless communication... the induction of women officers would result in expanding our power," he added.

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