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Manish Kumar Jha

Manish Kumar Jha is an Associate Editor, BW BUSINESSWORLD & BW DEFENCE. He writes on the Foreign affairs, International Trade & Defence. His global coverage-on the ground- spans more than 25 countries worldwide. Received International Press Fellowship award.

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The Naked Expansionism of China Over Bhutanese Territory Sakteng Is Foolhardy

China's new claim over Sakteng wildlife sanctuary, a Bhutanese territory is another act of foolhardy decision intended to further embroil India. It is in fact seen as the unsavory and absurd by world community. Intrinsically linked along the border of Arunachal Pradesh of Indian territory, Chinese diplomats are simply following the naked expansionism of Xi Jinping during the times of Covid-19.

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Tik Tok, China and National security-- Unethical Practice In Global Trade

Chinese investment in Indian start-ups has surpassed USD 4.6 billion in 2019. The Chinese corporate, tech firm and investors hoarded their surplus investment in Indian market. Majority of them where the offshoots of the ideas and applications already tested in western market, especially the U.S. Ironically, Chinese government did not allow such western tech companies to operate in China. ByteDance has already been under suspicion in 2019 on account of a national security review in the United States.

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PM Scott Morrison Announced Australia’s 2020 Defence Strategic Update To Spend A$270 Billion Under 10-year Defence Plan

Australia Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced Australia’s 2020 Defence Strategic Update, a A$270 billion 10-year defence plan which includes, for the first time, land, sea and air-based long-range and hypersonic strike missiles for Australia. Defence Strategic Update is the response to rising strategic competition at the epicenter of Indo-Pacific

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Historic India - Nepal Relations Under Attack By The Vested Interest

After the feverish and desperate statement by Nepal Prime Minister K P Sharma Oil on India, Foreign Minister Pradeep Kumar Gyawali stepped in his effort to neutralize the unwarranted and vicious attacks on India. What transpired the PM K P Oli who is also the Chairman of Nepal Communist Party to loudmouth unethical statement against India, making it to be a serious fault line of long standing relations.

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India's Defence Acquisition Process Should Not Be Aimed at Fault Finding But For Facilitating: Admiral RK Dhowan

Aerospace Maritime and Defence Studies (SAMDeS) & FICCI deliberated the vital aspect of India's defense acquisition process over 1st ever eSymposium on Negotiating Defence Contracts on June 24. Time has come to overhaul the defence contracts in India, infamously known for excruciatingly long process and cut down time & cost.

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At The LAC, One Indian Army Colonel & Two Jawans killed In The Galwan Area of Ladakh During Violent Clashes With Chinese Army

During the de-escalation process underway in the Galwan Valley, a violent face-off took place yesterday night with casualties on both sides. The loss of lives on the Indian side includes an officer and two soldiers.

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