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Sangeet Kumar Sanu

Sangeet Kumar Sanu

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Canada Seeks Indian Partnership In Its Indo-Pacific Objectives

On the role of India in the region, the document said that its growing strategic, economic and demographic importance in the Indo-Pacific makes it a critical partner in Canada’s pursuit of its objectives under this strategy

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Explained: South Korea & Other Asian Countries With Conscription Laws

India has never had any conscription laws and joining the Indian armed forces has been voluntary but Article 23 of the Indian constitution provides a clause allowing the union government to mandate conscription to secure the nation's interest and the public's broader well-being

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Alongside Our Allies & Partners, US Will Remain Stand With Ukraine Against Russia: Report

The report claims that Finland and Sweden to NATO will further improve our security and capabilities

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Doesn't Support Taiwan's Independence, Will Remain Committed One-China Policy: US

The National Security Strategy outlines the United States' security problems, competition with China and other issues, as well as measures to address them

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UNCLOS At 40: How It Defines Rules-Based Order Of The Seas

The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), also known as the Law of the Sea Convention or the Law of the Sea Treaty, is an agreement that sets a legal foundation for all marine and maritime operations, however, the treaty has been ratified by 168 states, including Palestine, the Cook Islands, Niue and the European Union as of now

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If They Try To Harass Us, We Will Not Let Them Go Unpunished, Says Rajnath Singh

On the Galwan incident, the minister said we have shown our power to neighbours and that we would never bow down. Whenever necessary, we gave our enemies a befitting reply and with time, India is getting stronger.

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