The author is a veteran Infantry General with 40 years experience in international fields and UN. A globally acknowledged strategic & military writer/analyst; he is currently the Chief Instructor of USI of India, the oldest Indian Think-tank in India.

Latest Articles By MAJ GEN SB Asthana, SM, VSM


Why Corporatisation Of Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) Is Inescapable Strategic Need of India

One of the key structural reforms in defence manufacturing, Corporatisation of OFBs was announced by the Finance Minister. It is a open fact that OFB has failed in many ways & marked as an inefficient entity that nation can ill afford the loath of underperforming, hiding their inefficiencies under the garb of being defence establishments, firewalled with protectionism to avoid accountability. Time has come to reform.

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BRI To Health Silk Route: How COVID-19 Is Changing Global Strategic Equations?

China claiming to have successfully encountered COVID-19 has kickstarted its industry after being the cause of paralysis of the industrial power of everyone else.

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PM Announces Chief of Defence Staff for India: Way Forward for Implementation

The much awaited and overarching role of the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) is finally on the horizon. But it does put the task more complex with the varied Commands and Agencies within the system. How does the Government make it work with roles and clear cut responsibilities?

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China Chooses To Stand With Terrorists For The Fourth Time

It’s not a big surprise for any strategist that China has blocked the bid to have Jaish-e-Mohammed chief Masood Azhar designated a global terrorist for the fourth time. How will it impact India?

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Decoding Pentagon Report on China January 2019

Amidst sequential escalation of US -China 'Heated cold war', Pentagon has released a new report on 16 January 2019, airing US concerns about China’s growing military capability highlighting a contingency about a possible attack against Taiwan. Maj Gen Asthana decodes the strategic reports and its implications.

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