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Cabinet Approves Export Of Akash Missile System Aiming To Achieve Target Of $5 Billion Defence Export

The Union Cabinet has approved the export of Akash Missile System in a move which is widely touted to achieve the aim of increasing India's defence exports to $5 billion. This shall also help in improving India's strategic relations with customer nations. The Cabinet meet was chaired by PM Modi.

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UAE-Based Small Arms Manufacturer CARACAL Unveils 'Make-In-India' And Export Plan

CARACAL which recently won a contract to supply the Indian Army with 93,000 rifles has also unveiled plans to set up a permanent manufacturing base in India. As a part of the 'Make-in-India' initiative, CARACAL also plans to export these rifles to markets abroad.

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Self-reliance In Small Arms Manufacturing Is Necessity: Chief Of IDS To CISC

Speaking at ‘International Conference on Small Arms: From Current Paradigm on Small Arms to Next Level’ Vice Admiral Kumar said, “We need to develop these weapons, make them cost effective with adequate production capacity and modernize our inventory with indigenous weapons.”

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India’s Nuclear Strategy, Doctrine And Posture: Is The Global Order Comfortable with The Elephant’s Trumpet?

For years, India’s ‘recessed deterrence’ posture coupled with ‘no-first use’ doctrine has strengthened nuclear deterrence. However, India’s Agni-V missile is expected to be canister launched along with India’s progress with sea-based nuclear deterrence- both of which require India to move towards a

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Agni I To VI, Not Just A Number game

Often there is a tendency to perceive the journey of Agni ballistic missiles over the years as merely a function of range escalation, the fact however is, that each successive missile type is related to a particular need and operational logic.

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Introduction Of New Artillery Guns In The Armed Forces

The army will take its first delivery of guns from South Korea in September and the first regiment of 18 guns is expected to be ready by the third quarter of 2019 and will also receive four M777 ultra-light howitzers from the U.S. All the 100 guns will be delivered by the November of the year 2020.

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