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Sangeet Kumar Sanu

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Russia’s Move In Ukraine Will Significantly Shape Its Relationships With West: US Intel Report

Intel report predicts that Moscow will continue to military, security, cyber and intelligence tools to advance what it sees as its own interests and try to undermine the interests of the United States and its allies

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China Will Be More Assertive With Growing Power & Influence: US Intel Report

Intel report warns about China’s increasing military power with its economic, technological and diplomatic influence to leverage its dominant positions in key global supply chains to accomplish its strategic goals

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India, Largest Importer Of Arms In 2018-22, Ukraine Is Third-largest In 2022: SIPRI

According to data published by the think tank that measures weapons imports over five-year periods, India had the highest share of global arms imports in the last five years at 11 per cent, followed by Saudi Arabia (9.6 per cent), Qatar (6.4 per cent), Australia (4.7 per cent) and China (4.7 per cent)

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Military Drone Market To Touch $30 Bn By 2029, India To Buy 30 UAVs For $3 Bn

The acquisition of advanced MQ-9B drones, which are outfitted with antisubmarine warfare capabilities as well as land-attack and antiship missiles, would also help the Indian navy's surveillance efforts in the Indian Ocean, where China's naval presence has grown

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Canada Seeks Indian Partnership In Its Indo-Pacific Objectives

On the role of India in the region, the document said that its growing strategic, economic and demographic importance in the Indo-Pacific makes it a critical partner in Canada’s pursuit of its objectives under this strategy

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Explained: South Korea & Other Asian Countries With Conscription Laws

India has never had any conscription laws and joining the Indian armed forces has been voluntary but Article 23 of the Indian constitution provides a clause allowing the union government to mandate conscription to secure the nation's interest and the public's broader well-being

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