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Manish Kumar Jha is an Associate Editor, BW BUSINESSWORLD. He writes on the Foreign affairs, International Trade and Defence. His global coverage-on the ground- spans more than 25 countries worldwide

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The Era Of Electronic Warfare Begins

The Russian- Ukraine conflict unfolded the full spectrum of electronic warfare never seen before. Military technologies like satellites, UAVs, ISR equipment, Missiles, aircraft etc. rely on the wireless communication satellite broadband service which is connected to the Internet and involved the jamming of Navigation satellite signals on ground. You can imagine when your ability to fly and fire accurately are suddenly denied. The very foundation of precision strikes is made redundant though the jamming that takes place in the space and ground. Taking our lead in space tech, how far has Indian Armed Forces embraced such reality, writes Manish Kumar Jha and Ankit Bhateja.

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AI Technology In Military Will Transform Future Warfare

The incarnation of AI is motivating global powers to prepare themselves to control and maneouvre advanced technologies. Superiority of artificial intelligence is the new paradigm of power in between superpowers. Modern warfare in essence is more complex, on account of an increasing number of micro variables. Change in any one variable could create an exponential impact on battle outcomes – and even on the war itself. What is AI in Military? Authors decode the complexity and the inevitability of AI.

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Digital Diplomacy: An Algorithmic Approach Towards Geopolitics

The world politics is enforced by ample number of complex and unpredictable actors which always demand the innovative methods from the diplomats. Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the diplomacy is the startling new dimension in the world of geopolitics. AI technologies such as NLP (Natural Language Processing) are useful for the state to establish communication with the foreign natives. Authors present an unique perspective on global policy makings, global diplomacy and data gathering.

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