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Bharat Forge Supplies 16 Armoured Vehicles To UN Peacekeeping Via Indian Army

Kalyani M4 is a cutting-edge armoured personnel carrier, Quick Reaction Fighting Vehicle (Heavy), protecting occupants against high speeding missiles and threats such as mine bursts and grenades

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Mitigating The Militarization Of Arctic Ocean is Not Country Specific; It Needs Urgent Global Response

Today, there is 75% less Arctic sea ice in the summer than there was just 50 years ago. As a result, the world's weather patterns have become unstable. The warmer climate and new technologies for the extraction of hydrocarbons are ratcheting up a new great game in the Arctic. While the climate warri

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World Humanitarian Drive (WHD) Award Conferred To A Jharkhand Based Journalist Santosh Kumar

World Humanitarian Drive (WHD) conferred the Award of Honour to a Jharkhand based journalist Santosh Kumar. Awards were presented to various global dignitaries for their contributions to Trade and Peace.

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The Inaugural Trilateral Global Summit Held In London Echoed The Sentiments Of Enhancing “Trade For Peace”

The inaugural Trilateral Global Summit (19-20 June) convened by World Humanitarian Drive (WHD) was held in London with participants from over 25 countries. The Summit echoed the sentiments of enhancing “Trade for Peace”.

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