Article on October 05, 2022

If They Try To Harass Us, We Will Not Let Them Go Unpunished, Says Rajnath Singh

On the Galwan incident, the minister said we have shown our power to neighbours and that we would never bow down. Whenever necessary, we gave our enemies a befitting reply and with time, India is getting stronger.

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US, South Korea Launches Missiles In Response To North Korea Tests

Both countries launched two US-origin ATACMS short-range ballistic missiles after North Korea launched an intermediate-range ballistic missile over Japan on Tuesday for the first time since 2017.

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US Navy's Largest Aircraft Carrier Embarks On Its First Deployment

The USS Gerald R Ford inducted into service in 2017 will be on a mission that includes training in air defence, anti-submarine warfare and amphibious operations and will collaborate with Canada, France and Germany. It costs more than $13 billion.

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Indian Navy To Induct Country's First Human-Carrying Drone, “Varuna”

A demonstration of “Varuna” was held at the Naval Innovation and Indigenisation Seminar in July 2022. It can transport various cargo, including liquids, machinery and people up to 130 kg.

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IAF Chief Strongly Opposes Theatre Command Model Which Relegates Air Force To Subordinate Role

Air Force doctrine must not be compromised, cautions Air Chief Marshal Chaudhari, who wants IAF mandate to be expanded to space

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IAF Chief rejects Chinese claim of “normalcy” on LAC

Benchmark for return to normalcy is complete withdrawal of Chinese troops return to pre-May 2020 positions, asserts Air Chief Marshal Chaudhari

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