Article on December 09, 2022

US House Proposes $847 Billion Defence Budget, Senate Yet To Consider

In 2021, the United States military spending will account for nearly 40 per cent of global expenditure, more than the following nine countries' combined

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Indian Navy revives stalled programme to buy 6 more P8I snoop planes from US

Fresh Letter of Offer and Acceptance sought from US Government, Navy Chief Admiral R Hari Kumar tells Businessworld in an exclusive interview

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In Latest Attack, Russia Shells Ukraine's Eastern Front

According to the regional governor, artillery shelled the town of Toretsk southwest of Bakhmut, killing one civilian and damaging 12 buildings

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EU's Defence Stockpiles Are “Almost Empty” Amid Russian Threat: Official

According to the EDA report, EU countries will spend a total of USD 226 billion on defence in 2021, surpassing the USD 211 billion mark for the first time after a 6 per cent year-on-year increase

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Indian Navy Upgrades Its Communication, Transmission Systems

This upgradation is to replace and modernise existing HF Broadcast Transmitting Stations (TS) at various locations in order to provide the Navy with long-range and reliable HF Broadcast communication

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Japan To Collaborate With UK, Italy To Develop Next-Generation Fighter Jet

The Mitsubishi F-X fighter jet will replace Japan's ageing F-2 fleet, which was previously developed in collaboration with the United States

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