Article on March 09, 2023

Expanded Military Postures By India, China Elevate Risk Of Armed Confrontation: US Report

Previous standoffs between India, and China have shown that persistent low-level friction on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) has the potential to escalate swiftly, as per the US Intelligence Report

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Under PM Modi, India More Likely To Give Military Response: US Intelligence

The intelligence report said the crises between India and Pakistan are more concerning because both are nuclear-armed states, however, Pakistan has a long history of supporting anti-India terrorist groups

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US Intel Agency Warns Of 'Complex' Threats From China, Russia, North Korea And Iran

The report also warned of global challenges like climate change and evolving technologies that could have the potential to "disrupt" traditional business and society, while creating "unprecedented vulnerabilities"

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Pak Army Chief Asim Munir Maintains To 'Not Interfere In Politics'

Asim asserted that the army would neither interfere in politics nor would play any role in it and he maintained that he would not interfere in political matters and the political leadership itself should resolve its issues, reported The News International

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