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DRDO Collaborates With Israel For The Development Of Dual Use Technologies

DRDO & Directorate of Defence R&D, Israel sign Bilateral Innovation Agreement for development of dual use technology. Under the agreement, startups and industry of both countries will work together to bring out next generation technologies and products in the areas such as Drones, Robotics, Artifici

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AI Technology In Military Will Transform Future Warfare

The incarnation of AI is motivating global powers to prepare themselves to control and maneouvre advanced technologies. Superiority of artificial intelligence is the new paradigm of power in between superpowers. Modern warfare in essence is more complex, on account of an increasing number of micro v

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Artificial Intelligence In Military Context

Artificial Intelligence, that includes Machine Learning, Deep Learning, etc is at the forefront of Industry 4.0. AI is gaining popularity in all domains to make the current systems and products more efficient and reliable, avoiding human intervention, hence eliminating human error. Article presents

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